Sunday, April 8, 2012

Google Plus Benefits Your Business

Google Plus is a social networking site. It was created to compete with sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

 Numerous reviews sites have recognized that Google Plus provides many of the social media benefits all combined into one package.

 Google Plus has the added benefit of being able to combine many of the Google services that we are already relying on with added personalization and versatility.

 You can set your Google Plus profile as public or private, you can post blogs, share links, videos and pictures with the friends you have on your list as well with those in your circle.

 Google Plus also lets you censor the materials that you share if you don't wish your co-workers to see you in pictures from the party you were at on Saturday night.

 In answer to the question What is Google+ and what are the rewards for businesses? Google is the number one used search engine in the world, if you have a well made Google Plus profile your company will benefit in page rankings, making it potentially the best social outlet for brand promotion.

 Similar to Facebook, Google Plus has a like button called +1 which you can add into your website allowing people to share your business on their profile pages.

 Google also has the added advantage of being able to link pages with places, through the use of Google Maps. Users can easily interact by giving reviews about your business.

 There are a variety of business circles that you can create allowing you to target and customize the information that is sent out to your contacts. For instance you can have a circle for existing clients, as well as a circle for previous clients. You can target new product and service information that may be of help to them.

 You can have as many circles as you want, enabling you to target precise information to specific individuals. It is crucial for businesses no matter what size to apply a strategy for social media. The strategy that you pick to apply should include Google Plus.

 The way businesses market and communicate with their clients is constantly changing, in order for your business to get a competitive edge, it is vital that it stays up to date in the world of social media.

To your Success

Tim McTaggart

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