Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do You Want a Great Business is Customer Service the key

Most companies spend a lot of time attracting clients to a product or service, trying to win their confidence and then finishing the whole process with a sale. That technique seems apparent to most people. What frequently is overlooked is the post-sale follow up with clients, particularly when it comes to online businesses. We should look at the time after a purchase as an chance not only to enhance our products but also to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

It takes much more work to win a new client than to keep a relationship with an existing client
. But maintaining existing client relationships is just as important and I’d even dare to say, more important than gaining new clients. What can we do to keep our established clients feel appreciated? You need to follow up with your clients.

Following up may be as simple as writing an email or giving a phone call to a client a few days after a sale.  I make it a personal goal to contact every client that buys our product, , within 1-3 days after a sale.

Does this take time? It does. Is it worth it? Definitely! Not only does this allow us to get good feedback from clients in order to improve our products, but also it establishes a more sound, long-lasting relationship that goes over and above the point-of-sale. 

Most people were pleasantly surprised that I would be inclined spend the time to talk with them and were moved by the personal attention they received. And I was also amazed at how unusual it was for online businesses to follow up on their clients.  Some of the standard comments that I have received as the result of my campaigns include:

I really appreciate the personal touch, vs. the standard automated we have received your email, rubbish, followed by well, nothing usually.

 Never had customer support quite like this I appreciate it.

People don’t like being brushed aside and certainly like being heard
. There are many companies that are ignoring their clients and, as a final result, losing them.

Your current customers are the heart and soul of your business
. These customers provide return business and also provide the vital word of mouth advertising that no ingenious advertisement or marketing program will ever out perform. Treat your clients like your own family. Go out of your way to communicate with them. If you neglect them, they will go somewhere else.

To your Success

Tim McTaggart

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