Sunday, May 13, 2012

How To Get Thousands of Free Clicks and in Impressions that will Raise your Alexa Rank

This is an Online Traffic Broker; you can receive free “clicks” and “impressions” on your website.

 With the support of this tools Browser it is possible to visit up to 720 sides per hour. In spite of that you can run the Browser in background, so it cannot disturb you while surfing. 

   This tool is basically different to normal visitor’s exchange service. Normal visitor’s exchange services offer their members to receive clicks on their websites too, but these clicks are “forced” (Forced-Clicks) and cost many credits.

 This tool doesn’t force its members to click on a special button at member’s website to earn more credits.

 This tool only offers real and unforced clicks. Besides, this principle is still efficient! You receive more clicks on your website with this tool than with Forced4Click campaigns in visitor’s exchange services!

If This Sounds Good 

To your Success

Tim McTaggart
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