Saturday, May 5, 2012

How To Know What Niche To Market

Getting people to your web page is a extremely crucial talent. It's not just about writing articles and producing a excitement around it, despite the fact that those are important abilities too.

The work starts way before you begin creating your site, as you need to discover the ideal niche for the topic of your web page.

Niche research is about discovering lucrative subjects that are broad enough to write enough articles about, yet narrow enough for you to become an expert on the topic.

A excellent way to find out the popularity of a niche market is to use the Google AdWords keyword tool.

Just type in the name of the niche and you will see the amount of searches conducted each month, combined with lots of related keywords.

If you sign in to the AdWords tool, you will also see the average price you would expect to pay to advertise on the front page of Google for each period. This should give you a sense for how much money there is to be made in the niche you have picked to study.

There are a variety of ways to uncover how much competition you will encounter if you launch a website in a particular niche. For a very fast and extensive estimation, just search for the niche name in speech marks in Google.

The larger the number of results returned, the more competition is out there. Of course, this doesn't give you much insight into the quality of the competition, just the amount.

To get a more trustworthy indicator of how tough a keyword will be to rank for in search results, there are free tools to download, some preferred ones include Market Samurai and Traffic Travis.

These will help you evaluate things like how many inbound links are pointing to sites already ranking for the keyword terms.

This provides a far more accurate picture of level of competition, but can take a while to completely research.

By performing your niche research properly, you will save time and energy.

Concentrating on the wrong niche will typically result in weak profits. When you find a niche with plenty of search volume, good advertiser spend and fairly low competition, you have definitely found your niche.

To your Success

Tim McTaggart


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